Choosing Wedding Photography

Read our handy tips below for some guidance.
More is not better
– You  shouldn’t try to choose wedding photography by the amount of pictures they offer you . You have to choose by quality  , we suggest you choose by the photos if you like it take it.

How many reviews does they have?
Your wedding is very impotent and you want to remember it so you should ask friends or family for reference for photography they trust and worked before and always ask them to show you what they did for them.

Color? Black & White? Sepia?
– You Should check that the company that you choose can supply this kind of photo and how good they are  .


Price is impotent factor however you must know that cheap price will mean cheap result don’t go with the cheapest or the most expincive find someone in between.

And always ask to see their work before hiring .

Good Luck,